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 The consequences might be fatal for the personnel that handles HDs on daily basis in the R&D laboratories. Our Safer Compounding Solutions provides complete protection because It has built with a strong engineering control.


Our XLTC isolator isolates the personnel from the HD exposure that might happen in the process of compounding pharmaceuticals for any purpose.

Our powder containment C-PEC isolator hood design is to use it with most of the existing R&D tablet presses. We can use it as an option for new pellet presses equipment orders or retrofitted to existing units in the field.  It provides greater safety because of its isolator Glovebox style barrier and HEPA filtration exhaust technology. Furthermore, Though a double HEPA filter exhaust can be provided as a certified system effective at particulate removal, as possible, it prefers outside ventilation.  There are multiple possible configurations for this equipment as are detailed throughout the quote and also shown in the options and accessories section at the end of this quotation. 


Our base model assumes operation in an iso-classified environment that matches the requirements of equipment around the tablet pressing.  As a result, the base equipment merely draws air into the enclosure which is picked up in the exhaust system. It also assumes a connection to a building ventilation system, therefore the exhaust has a single-pass HEPA filtration design.  Optionally, the equipment can be configured with double HEPA filtration exhaust and vented back directly into the room it operates.  In this configuration, it is mandatory to consider the possible impact on unidirectional airflow.

Our base model is an isolator-style configuration for superior containment and protection. If desired, we can add a lifting system to move the entire assembly up and down as much as 12 inches.  The system can have a load capacity of up to 2500 pounds and would be ideal for getting the tablet press. It is also ideal for processing areas to the appropriate operating height for a variety of users.

draw tight:

This equipment includes a sealed, “draw tight” style side access door that can move materials.  There are several pass-through/transfer chamber configuration options available.  Customizations are also readily available.  A typical pass-through can include iso-classification, powder abatement, and pass-through doors linking the ambient environment to the interior of the tablet press.  It is also possible to include a dirty receiving type negative pressure chamber onto the pass-through to facilitate total, self-contained, iso-classified environments. that require no other engineering controls whatsoever.   If necessary, the equipment can attach and include negative pressure refrigerated and non-refrigerated storage.

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