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AESA505, Sterile 70% Isopropyl Alcohol -- $192.00/unit of 12
Sterile 70% Isopropyl Alcohol; Double bagged, lot numbers & expiration dates. 16 oz. Trigger Spray, 12 bottles/unit. You should be using Sterile IPA. Why Use Sterile IPA? The USP mentions sterile IPA 36 times. Non-sterile alcohol is actually a superior habitat for infection causing spores. Sterilization Kills Spores.
AEDC779, Disinfectant Cleaner -- $172.00/unit of 12
Ready to use, hospital-grade, disinfectant against Staphylocidal, Pseudomonacidal, Virucidal and Fungicidal. Complies with OSHA’s blood borne pathogens standard. For use in controlling the risk of nosocomial infection. Is effective in hard water up to 400 ppm (calculated as CaCO3) in the presence of 5% organic serum. Compatible w/Aseptic Enclosures materials of construction. 32 oz. Bottles. 12 bottles/unit. 1 trigger spray/unit. Additional nozzles can be ordered (AEDS579). Must be placed at time of ordering.
AEDS579, Additional Trigger Sprays -- $3.00/each
Must be ordered at time disinfectant cleaner (AEDC579) is ordered.
AEHP610, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner, Sterile Packed -- $396.47/unit of 12
16oz. spray bottle. For use in cleaning rotation cycles to maintain a clean environment and reduce the regulatory concern for VOCs. It is an effective one step ready to use solution. The product is packaged to comply with the requirements for transportation into a classified area. Formulated with Water for Injection and manufactured via aseptic fill at 0.2 microns into gamma irradiated sterile components in ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100). Each lot is sterility tested according to current USP Compendium and is delivered with lot specific documentation. Completely traceable and validated for sterility and shelf life
AESW612, Sterile Water, Sterile Packed -- $344.00/unit of 12
Ready to use, USP purified water, 16 oz. Trigger Spray STERI-WATER is a quality water which is designed for operations that require a USP grade water for cleaning, rinsing and formulations. Not for human or animal injection, diagnostic, or therapeutic use.
AESU509, Surface Safe -- $79.95/Box of 15 kits
CHEMO/HD Decon. Two-step applicator kit cleans and inactivates chemotherapy drugs on work surfaces to prevent the risk of cross contamination. Creates a cleaner, safer chemotherapy work surface. Kit consists of two towelettes packaged in numbered packets that are applied to the contaminated work surface in numerical order. The active ingredient in Packet 1 is a 2% sodium hypochlorite soap solution. The active ingredients in Packet 2 are sodium thiosulfate and benzyl alcohol. Each package treats approximately 2 sq. ft. Towelette Size: 5-1/2” x 10”. Each box contains 15 double packets.
AEMH650, Cleanroom Mop Head -- $38.00/each
Clean room mopping system replacement Head. Requires Cleanroom pole and Jumbo wipes… Padded, chemically resistant. Part of our economical, effective system for using low cost sterile wipes that are quickly replaced with our Jumbo Sterile Wipes. Just release 2 clamps, slide the wipe in and push down the clamp locks. Perfect for Ceiling, walls, floors and equipment surfaces.
AEMP651, Telescoping pole for Cleanroom Mop Head -- $42.00/each
Adjustable from 4-8ft in length. Threaded. Chemically resistant anodized aluminum.
AEMW652, Jumbo Mop Wipes, Sterile, Dry, ISO 5, Blended Wipes -- $204.24/64 packs of 20. 1280 total wipes
Sterile, 55/45 Cellulose blend, clean room rated wipes. Easily clamps into our mop head. Large size allows good surface contact for corners and interfaces.
AESK549, Mini Environment Cleaning & Maintenance Starter Kit -- $269.00/each
Mini Environment Cleaning & Maintenance Starter Kit: ISO Class 3-5; 1-Mini Mop isolator cleaning tool and 2 handles, 1 bag sterile pre-wetted w/70% IPA (20 wipers/bag), 1 bag Sterile Dry Wiper (100 wipers/bag). (Included with our CACIs, 1 each for our CAIs)
AESK552, Isolator Mini Mop -- $144.67/unit
Isolator Cleaning Tool w/two handles (18” and 24”). One mop head and 6 polyester mop covers. Stop opening your Isolator to Clean! Contrary to popular belief, we feel it is not good practice to routinely open your isolator doors to clean the interior. If running properly, the Isolator stays as clean (probably cleaner) as the last time you used it and runs virtually particle free. Opening the door is about the worst thing you can do. It Floods your equipment with Particulate Laden air. Open the door if you have a spill, or it needs mechanical scrubbing, then close it up and clean it again using our mop!
AESK555, Mini Mop Replacement Covers -- $79.20/bag of 25 / $465.00 for case of 6
Mini Mop Covers, replacements; 25/bag, 6 bags/case for total of 150 covers.
AESK557, Sterile, 9x9, Pre-wetted, ISO 4, 100%Polyester Wipes -- $504.00/case, 400 total wipes
Sterile AlphaSat Wipes, Iso class 4 approved, 9” x 9” nominal polyester sealed-border wipes, pre-wetted w/70% isopropyl alcohol, 20 wipes per flexpack/20-flexpack per case, 400 wipes total. Cleans without compromising the sterile nature your aseptic environment
AESK567, Sterile, 9x9, pre-wetted ISO 5, Blended Wipes -- $291.87/case of 810 total wipes
Sterile, 9” x 9”, blended wipes, pre-wetted w/70% isopropyl alcohol. 30 wipes in a resealable package. 27 packs per case, 810 wipes total.
AESK575, Sterile, 9x9, Dry, ISO 5, Blended Wipes -- $296.94/case of 3,600 wipes total; $27.75 per pack/unit/300 wipes
Sterile, 9”x9” nominal 55/45 Cellulose blend, clean room rated wipes. 300 wipes double bagged in a perforated package, 3600 total wipes.
AESK559, Head Swab -- $301.40/1,000 swabs $345.00/case of 500 total wipes
Rectangular head swab. Perfect for the hard to reach spots. Closed-cell polyurethane foam head, large polypropylene handle 20 bags of 50 per unit of 1,000.
AETM 583 Peel-Off Clean Room Sticky Floor Mats 24
A simple method to help keep your area clean with these tacky mat shoe cleaners. Once a sheet is dirty, peel off to get the next clean sheet. Sheets are numbered so you know when they are getting low. Other sizes are available. White.
AEVN590 ViTralizer, Virus Neutralizing System -- $2995.00
ViTralizer A great advantage of our system is its ability to sanitize significantly more of the target area than manual cleaning alone. Under tables, chairs, benches, behind curtains, under beds, etc. The dry fog provides excellent coverage. Use with our Specially formulated Neutralizing Solution is Hydrogen Peroxide Based.
AEGL585B, CAI, Nitrile gloves 9mil -- $114.24/24 pairs
Our new Standard glove for all CAIs. They are a little thinner for better ”touch” but still provide good durability. Individual hand fitted for better comfort. They are also less expensive! For our CAI with GUS configuration. Compatible with other Isolators as well. Good for reuse until evidence of wear. Compatible with most cleaning agents. Light Blue, 9 mil, textured grip. Can be fitted to most brands of Isolators. Specify size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
AEGL543, Extra thick gloves -- $198.00/25 pairs
Thicker and extra Durable for longevity. Yes, they will last a long time, but these gloves do not have a good feel. But if you don’t need much touch sensitivity, they are your best bet. Green, 16 mil, non-flocked, 13 L. Specify Size: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
AEOR564, 3-1/2in. dia. Wrist/Glove/Cuff O-Rings -- $30.00/pair
(Sizes available for all Brands Please specify) For attaching any of our gloves to isolator sleeves. 3-1/2in. dia. Cuff O-Rings. Long lasting Silicone has a much better life than the black style rings used by others. Replacements are available for uses with other brands of Isolators just specify your brand. One (1) pair per package. Specify size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
AEGL580, Chemo sterile gloves, ASTM D6978-05 tested for 4 hours -- $89.00/unit (30 pairs/unit)
Chemo gloves, ASTM D6978-05 permeation tested for 4 hours without decontamination. Gamma irradiated, individually packaged 10 pairs/sealed outer package. 30 pairs/unit. Specify Size: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9   If you don’t buy our gloves, for your safety, make sure your gloves meet this standard.
AELN578, Full hand glove liners -- $22.00/6 pairs
Our Standard style. Size is Large with a Blue cuff. Stretchable. Our glove liners keep your ’shared’ reusable gloves clean on the inside by keeping perspiration down. They make it easier to don your isolator gloves. Ambidextrous. Liners are washable and reusable. Specify Size: Small (Green Cuff) Medium (Orange Cuff) Large (Blue Cuff) X-Large (Grey Cuff). Did you know a number of our Isolator customers have bought our equipment for use outside their existing cleanroom and as a result: They have realized tremendous efficiency gains by reducing cleanroom entry time and gowning procedures. They have been able to save their Hospitals significant amounts by reducing associated gowning, cleaning, maintenance and certification costs. They have eliminated a large part of the pharmacy waste stream.
AESL542, Non-Latex 12in. Isolator Sleeves -- $363.00/pair
Glove Under Sleeve Design. 15-17 mil thickness. Polished interior finish for superior cleanability. Non-latex. Our CAI and CACI glovebox sleeves have been proven to be resistant to nine different cyto toxic chemicals under ASTM 6978; Dacarbazine, Camustine, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), Doxorubic, Cisplatin, Etoposide, Paclitaxel and Thio-Tepa. The Sleeves are made from a modified carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene compound developed by polymerizing butadiene, acrylonitrine, and methacrylonitrile.Increased stretching, bending ability and tear strength. They are very effective when vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) is present. Offer strong resistance to aromatics, hydrocarbons, solvents, fats, and acids. Resistozone. Have strong static dissipative qualities.  Sold by the pair. Includes cuff ring and glove attaching O-ring Contact us for replacement sleeves on other Isolator brands as diameters vary.
AESB625 Sleeve Band -- $15.00 each / $30.00 for pair
Use in place of or over shoulder o-rings/sleeves to avoid slippage. Reusable. 1 sleeve band + buckle=1 Set.
AEOR563, 12in. dia. O-Rings -- $50.00/pair
For attaching Sleeves to the Isolator Shoulder Ring Flanges. Much longer lasting than the common black type. Our Shoulder O-Rings are Silicone. One [1] pair per package. Used for attaching glove sleeve to glove port. Call us to match to other Brands of Isolators.
AESC546, Sleeve liners -- $182.00/200
Standard Sleeve liners. For Hygiene and comfort while wearing short sleeves in an isolator. Made of Liquid Guard material, lint free anti-static treated, white, 200 sleeves/unit (100 pairs).
AESC586, Chemo/Sterile sleeve liners -- $ 515.21/180 pieces
Chemo Sleeve liners Provide added protection from possible chemical permeation through the isolator sleeve. Elasticized arms and cuffs. Gamma irradiated. Lot number is shown on each individual bag to provide product trace-ability. Blue. One pair per sealed inner bag; 15 sealed inner bags per sealed outer bag; 6 bags of 15 pairs per unit (180 pieces/90 pairs). Why do most of your parenteral suppliers buy their production machinery inside isolators?  The simple answer is to improve their manufacturing quality. Though most already have the clean room manufacturing facilities required, and their processes are much larger and more complex than your hospital environment, Isolation eliminates humans from the process and, as a result, less of their product is
AESG641, Sterile Lab Gown, -$N/A -- Currently Unavailable
Our basic cleanroom gown is sterile, low linting SMS 40gsm/+/- 3gsm weight white anti-static treated. Designed for non-hazardous drug compounding. The gowns are low linting and latex-free. Easy Donning and Doffing. They feature a stand-up collar, elastic cuffs and thumb loops. They come individually packaged 1 pc/sterile bag with 50 gowns to a unit. Specify Size: SM, Med, LG, XL
AESG642, Chemo/HD, Sterile Lab Gown -- $239.50/50
Our Sterile Lab Gown is disposable and composed of anti-static material that is designed to meet USP 800 requirements. Weighing only 52gsm+/-3gsm, this gown is breathable with PE/PP and offers Level 3 protection as well as protection against impervious and chemo-tested materials. They come individually packaged 1 pc/sterile bag and there are 50 gowns to a unit. Specify Size: SM, Med, LG, XL
AESG643, Chemo/HD, Sterile Coverall -- $186.37/20
SUPERIOR PARTICULATE CONTAINMENT AND PROTECTION with Our disposable coveralls, composed of anti-static material is designed to meet USP 800 requirements. Weighing only 60gsm+/-3gsm, this coverall is breathable with PE/PP and offers Level 3 protection, as well as protection against impervious and chemo-tested materials. They come individually packaged 1pc/sterile bag and there are 20 coveralls to a unit. Specify Size: SM, Med, LG, XL
AEFM644, Facemask, Sterile -- $291.42/150
Pouch-style sterile Face mask features a large breathing chamber for increased wearer comfort and a malleable nose-band for a good fit. Made from cleanroom compatible materials and ultrasonically sealed edges to reduce the risk of contamination entering the controlled environment. 150 masks per unit.
AEHN645, Hairnet, ISOClass 4, Sterile -- $349.47/250
21in, Low lint polypropylene, 12gm/m2, full coverage cleanroom bouffant style cap. Lightweight and cool/breathable nonwoven fabric. Latex free elastic head band. Tested to IEST-RP-CC003.3 Iso4. 250 Hairnets/unit. According to USP 797 All compounding Personnel are to be tested every 6-12 months depending on Risk levels.
BootieMatic XL AEBM633 -- $779.00/ea
The BootieMatic XL holds approximately 200 booties at a time. Automation of the bootie process has many tremendous advantages. It is much safer than hopping around on one foot trying to put booties on. This “BootieHop” is dangerous at worst and uncomfortable and time-consuming at best. Because you don’t have to touch your shoes, or lean up against something to put them on, it is much more aseptic. Because the BootieMatic is so fast and easy to use it facilitates a more aseptic environment through enhanced compliance. Call for more details. See Available Booties Below.
AEBT626 30 bundles of 110 booties -- $521.00/3,300
Polyethylene plastic. Poor traction. Waterproof. Fair durability. Not breathable. Lowest cost. Avoid when traction is needed. Will melt in autoclave. 3,300 booties per unit.
AEBT628 30 bundles of 80 booties -- $526.00/2,400
AEBT628 30 bundles of 80 booties $526.00/2,400
AEBT629 30 bundles of 80 booties -- $583.00/2,400
40g Thicker non-woven Polypropylene Fabric with added traction control. Good traction. Not waterproof. Good durability. Good breathability. Low cost. 2,400 booties per unit.
AEBT630 30 bundles of 70 booties -- $552.00/2,100
Hybrid. Woven non-woven polypropylene fabric with cast polyethylene base. Reasonably Good traction. Waterproof, bottom only. Best durability. Good breathability. Avoid when full waterproof is needed and cost is critical. Will melt in autoclave. 2,100 booties per unit.
AEBT631 30 bundles of 80 booties -- $695.00/2,400
Super hybrid. Thicker Non-woven polypropylene fabric coated with low-density polyethylene. Best traction. Waterproof. Good durability. Fair breathability. 2,400 booties per unit.
AELR591, Low Risk Media Fill Test Kit -- $45.00/each
The annual test is required for each compounding pharmacist or technician. In higher usage facilities, more frequent testing may be prudent. The kit consists of a 1-100ml vial of Sterile Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) Liquid Growth Media, three-sterile empty 30ml vials, test log and test instructions. Other required materials (NOT included): one or more Sterile 10mL syringes, one or more Sterile vented needles, three sterile adhesive seals.
AEMR592, Medium Risk Media Fill Test Kit -- $98.00/each
Annual test required for each compounding pharmacist or technician. Kit consists of three 100ml vial of Sterile Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) liquid growth media, six sterile empty 100ml vials, nine sterile empty 30ml vials, test log and test instructions. Other required materials (NOT included): three sets IV transfer tubing with needle or spike, three Sterile 10mL syringes, three Sterile vented needles, three Sterile 5mL syringes, three Sterile non-vented needles, three Sterile adhesive seals.
AEHR593, High Risk Media Fill Test Kit -- $76.00 /each
AEMR593 High Risk Sterile Media Test Kit. Semiannual test required for each compounding pharmacist or technician. In higher usage facilities, more frequent testing may be necessary. Kit consists of 3g Tryptic Soy Powder Media, 9-sterile empty 30ml vials, test log and test instructions. Other required materials (NOT included): three 30mL syringes, 100mL nonbacteriostatic water, three 0.22 micron sterile filters, and three Sterile adhesive seals.
AEVP100, Viable Particle sampler -- $2,214.00/each
Particle Counters
Viable Particle sampler. For use with our viable air plates. This unit is ideal for continuous operation in your primary engineering control to detect viable particulate. It is a good indicator of problems with either the equipment or process. w/120V charger pump kit. This is a bioaerosol sampling pump, and is designed to draw air into a standard Petri dish. A microprocessor controls the flow rate and provides preset timing routines for sample collection. The pump is capable of flow rates from 30 to 120 Liters Per Minute (LPM). Includes hard case and adjustable tripod.
AEVP101, Calibration Device -- $949.00/each (calibration device for above AEVP100)
This calibration device monitors AEVP100 pressure and allows for the calibration of its air flow rate. The calibrated flow rate will be maintained at a constant flow throughout the collection period. Four timing routines are selectable from the keypad and continuous flow is achieved by pressing the ON key for 4 seconds. The OFF key manually stops the pump from sampling.
AEPC 311, Particle counter -- $ 1,700.00/each
Particle Counters
Kit includes everything you need: 3 channel laser diode particle counter w/internal pump. 0.3um- 5.0um Good to ISO 4. NIST traceable. Computer download software and USB cable Isokinetic Probe. Calibration Filters Rechargeable batteries (4.5-hour constant use life), charger and AC adapter. Lockable Hardened Carrying case for all components. Huge 8 Line COLOR display. Internal HEPA. Retains 8,000 sample records.
Sample Incubation Lab -- $75.00 First Sample $10 additional plate
If you would like us to incubate your samples. Bacteria and Fungi (molds and yeast) identification – No-viable fungi (molds) – Colony count: Test is included with bacteria count – If a sample doesn’t show growth of bacteria or fungi, price is the same – Lab certification (AIHA Accredited laboratory): Yes – Private labeling of the service: – Offer online results
AEGF595, Gloved Fingertip Sampling Contact Plates -- $29.05/sleeve of 10
Gloved Fingertip Sampling Contact Plates. Contact plates can be used for the determination of viable counts on smooth, dry surfaces as well as for personnel hygiene monitoring (clothing, gloves, or hands). Contains 10 plates in each sleeve plus a drying agent in a set of three bags, gamma irradiation of the final packaged product, storage at 15-25°C, long shelf life, and reduces formation of condensing water.
AEVA597, Viable Air Sampling Sterile MEA Media Plates -- $33.47/sleeve of 10/ 3 sleeve minimum
(Malt Extract Agar) with Lecithin and Polysorbate 80. This test is for Fungus (yeast and molds) and has to be done in conjunction with AEVA596, at least semiannual testing required for each PEC (Primary Engineering Control, i.e. Hood, Isolator, BSC, Cleanbench, Glovebox, CAI, CACI, etc.). In higher usage facilities, more frequent testing may be essential. Kit contains 10 TSA coated 90mm petri dishes, test log and test instructions. (Kit requires a Bioaerosol sampling vacuum pump i.e. # AEVP100, and NIST traceable calibration head, #AEVP101. Available for sale or rental by Aseptic Enclosures)
AESS594 Surface Sampling Sterile Media Contact Plates -- $29.05/sleeve of 10
At least semiannual testing required for each PEC (Primary Engineering Control. i.e. Hood, Isolator, BSC, Cleanbench, Glovebox, CAI, CACI, etc.). In higher usage facilities, more frequent testing may be prudent. Kit contains 10 gel coated contact plates of Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) w/Lecithin and Polysorbate 80 additives, $24.25/sleeve of 10.
AEVA596 Viable Air Sampling Sterile Media Plates -- $33.47/sleeve of 10/ 3 sleeve minimum
AEVA596 Viable Air Sampling Sterile TSA Media Plates. Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) with Lecithin and Polysorbate 80. This test is for bacteria and has to be done in conjunction with AEVA597. At least semiannual testing required for each PEC (Primary Engineering Control, i.e. Hood, Isolator, BSC, Cleanbench, Glovebox, CAI, CACI, etc.). In higher usage facilities, more frequent testing may be prudent. Kit contains 10 TSA coated 90mm petri dishes, test log and test instructions. (Kit requires Bioaerosol sampling vacuum pump #AEVP100, and NIST traceable calibration head, #AEVP101. Available for sale or rental by Aseptic Enclosures)
AEVT598, Sterile stretchable tape -- $33.00/roll
Sterile tape is used for sealing petri dishes, 4 inches x 125 feet long.
AEUV Custom, UV disinfecting technology
We can provide a self-contained UV disinfection system for additional security in aseptic processing to act as a supplement to the decontamination process. This system is pharmaceutical grade surface sterilization technology that will sterilize the non-shadowed areas of the glovebox. It is a great supplement to the manual wipe down procedure and much less expensive than VHP (though not quite as effective) must confirm materials compatibility. Call for Price.
AEUV512, UV lamp replacement -- $94.72/each
Germicidal Replacement Lamp for Units equipped with our UV sanitization system. Lamp will actually sterilize all non-shadowed areas. Materials compatibility. Call for Price.
AEFL524, replacement bulb -- $45.00/unit
Low-profile miniature fluorescent strip lights/replacement bulbs, 13 watts. Used on outside of isolator. $19.00/each. Two bulbs/unit.
AEIH568, IV hooks -- $33.44/four
IV hooks, stainless steel (set of 4) Custom Made hook are available
AEMD513P, 3-compartment dispenser -- $329.00/each
3-compartment dispenser, 1/4” Polycarbonate, 12” long x 20” wide x 18” high Custom boxes available
AEMD514P, 2-compartment dispenser -- $289.00/each
2-compartment dispenser, 1/4” Polycarbonate, 12” long x 20” wide x 18” high Custom Plastics and acrylics are available. Call office for quotes!
AENE531, Building Exhaust Alarm -- $1,398.42
Aseptic Enclosures’ Building Exhaust Alarm System is designed to monitor your vent line to assure adequate vacuum is maintained at all times.  It has 2 alarm set points to notify personnel if there is not enough, or conversely too much vacuum in the exhaust line.  While not enough vacuum could mean a potential safety hazard, too much vacuum could affect CACI performance. CALL FOR COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS ON THIS IMPORTANT OPTION.
AESH561, Sharps Collector -- $267.00/unit of 8
Sharps Collector, red, 5 gallons, vented, large funnel entry, latex free. Dimensions: 18 in. x 10.5 in. x 7.5 in. 8 collectors/unit. Sold by the unit only.
AESH562, Chemotherapy Sharps Collector -- $267.00/unit of 8
Chemotherapy Sharps collectors, yellow, 5 gal. For incineration. Biohazardous. Dimensions: 18 in. x 10.5 in. x 7.5 in.8 collectors/unit. Sold by the unit only.
AEEC525, Ergonomic stool -- $279.00/each
Puncture proof ergonomic stool. 5-Way Adjustable. Chemical resistant Polyurethane. Ideal for extended sitting periods, this adjustable stool helps fight fatigue with 5 ergonomic adjustments and a contoured seat and back. The upholstery of this swivel stool is made with puncture and wear resistant self-skinned polyurethane that is easy to clean. The seat features a plate reinforcement that helps this shop chair withstand heavy duty use in tough working environments. The seat also has a waterfall edge to help blood circulation to the legs. Ergonomic adjustments of this work stool include independent seat and back tilt adjustment, 38” to 48-1/2” back height adjustment, 22” to 32-1/2” pneumatic seat height adjustment and 2” back depth range adjustment. This shop stool includes a 360 degree chrome foot ring that is height adjustable. Seat measures 18-1/2”W x 18”D. Back measures 16-1/2”W x 13”H. Stable 5 blade base includes both casters for mobility and glides for stationary use. Easy Assembly. 1 Year Limited Warranty.
AEES100, Portable Eyewash Station -- $349.00/ea
Refills/bags sold separately. Aseptic Enclosures’ Portable Eyewash Station offers the first sealed flexible cartridge that completely self-evacuates without external forces applied, providing reliable performance when you need it most. It’s the ultimate choice in eyewash stations when plumbed, potable water is not available. Cover Yellow ABS for protection of fluid bags and internal cavity of station; Side windows for visual inspection of the fluid bags without removal of the cover.
AEES120, Refills/bags, prefilled, for portable eyewash station -- $192.72/ea
Refills/bags, prefilled, for portable eyewash station — $192.72/ea.